Calling on inspiration

Studio-e designers use many sources for inspiration. When we’re conceptualizing a new project, for example, we create a wall of inspiration — images, photographs, text, anything that we see that might be of use for the specific project; images that make us think of Westover School; photos that represent MIT Sloan.

Inspiration aside, two companies in particular consistently make us drool: Anthropologie and Design Within Reach. While of course Anthropologie’s clothing is drool-worthy, so too are its print marketing materials — the colors, the patterns, etc. And though Design Within Reach (or Design Out of Reach, as we call it, due to their astronomical prices) may not directly inspire a viewbook design, its furniture and accessories would create the perfect space for inspiration to strike.

From time to time, we’ll post other studio-e sources of inspiration. In the meantime, help us out. What material, company or blog inspires your work?

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