And the Kindle 2 goes to…

At the close of business yesterday, Studio-e randomly selected the winner of our CASE conference Kindle drawing. We folded up the entries, put them in a box Lynn made out of our top-10 phrases postcards, shook them up and selected none other than:

Paul Redfern, director of web communications and electronic media at Gettysburg College.

His phrase was: “If we are not careful this could turn into a depression.”

Congratulations, Paul! For those who don’t know, Paul co-hosted a session with Liz at the CASE District II conference in Baltimore, “What Can Higher Education Learn from Barack Obama?” Now he’ll always have something to read as he travels.

studio-e would like to thank all those who entered the drawing and posted a phrase to our site, especially during these “tough economic times.”

Look for a collection of these phrases in the mail, coming soon.

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